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#10 Wimbledon!

9 Jul

The world famous tennis tournament right on our doorstep! This is our second year living in Wimbledon and we missed out on tickets last year. The ballot process is complex and there is no favouritism for residents of SW19. Boo.

BUT, this year we managed to get two Centre Court tickets! Six rows from the front and next to the Royal Box! I called Nick with the amazing news, only to be told that he was in Paris that weekend because his friend got four tickets for the Euros. So my friend Sarah inherited the second ticket and we were excited!

Wimbledon is much more sophisticated than I thought it would be. I’ve been to the US Open and it was a great day out, but this was something different. Staff in pristine uniform, immaculate grounds, and it just had a feel of grandness and history.

And the proof we were there? Check out the lady in the black hat… yours truly! Sarah is sitting in white to the left. Yep, that is Roger Federer! 🙂

We also got to see Novak Djokovic, see if you can spot him in photos below!




#9 Brooklyn Bridge (take two)

17 Oct

Nick’s 30th is fast approaching and I feel like our list is just treading water. We haven’t crossed anything off in a few months now. We had snowboarding lessons and a helicopter ride booked for our trip to Queenstown in June… but as many of you know, we never got on that flight and long story short, that was the very start of the reason why we are now living in London! Thankfully we have until late March to complete everything!

So to make myself feel a little more productive, I’m going to post a take two of #9 – Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

In transition to London, Nick and I met in NYC for 10 days. Would you believe that the first time we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge together, we didn’t actually get a photo of the two of us. This time we crossed the bridge during the day and it was a beautiful 30 degrees – maybe a little too hot for Nick!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge 2



#31 Watch a movie at the OpenAir Cinema

18 Jan


I know that #31 isn’t supposed to exist on a 30 under 30 list, but rules are made to be broken and this experience was absolutely worth a mention. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where you can watch a movie outside, on a 30 degree night, with such an iconic background. Sometimes I found myself watching the view instead of the screen!

Two good friends of ours managed to get four tickets to this sell-out event. Each year the St George OpenAir Cinema runs for the month of January and it sells out online within minutes. So we were pretty happy that they chose to invite us!

I can see why the event is a sell-out every year. You are able arrive early for a glass of champagne (or a bottle) at the outdoor bar and watch the sunset over the harbour. When it gets dark enough a screen comes up from the ground letting you know that its time to go to your seat… and you are allowed to take your glass (bottle) of champagne with you!


Oh, and the movie playing that night was The Impossible. A very emotional true story and a miracle! Worth watching if you remember the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004.