#21 Ride Together on the London Eye

9 Jan


We had both been to London a few times independently but neither of us had been on the London Eye, so it was nice to experience this with each other during our first trip to London together.

It takes 30 minutes for the London Eye to make the full circle, giving you plenty of time to take in the fantastic views and admire the great span of the city from above. Typically, it was raining, but visibility was still quite clear.



The capsules are equipped with interactive screens which are extremely useful for information on what buildings you are looking at and their history as you move around the journey.


Like any tourist attraction, there is an opportunity for a souvenir photo at the end of the journey. You are told to stand in a marked area and pose for the photo. Would you believe that when this photo was taken (below) we thought it had been taken about a minute beforehand. This wasn’t our intended pose for the photo!


An absolutely amazing souvenir photo! Even the sales assistants in the shop were laughing at it. Probably the best £10 we have ever spent!

20 December 2012

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