#18 Climb the Eiffel Tower

11 Jan


Who wouldn’t want to be in the city of love with the one that you love! It’s so sad to think that we were there only a week ago. Paris, je t’aime!

Climbing the Eiffel Tower is a must for anyone visiting Paris. We pre-booked online for a city bus tour and ‘skip the line’ Eiffel Tower tickets. This will cost you a bit more than just turning up and waiting in line (€40 instead of €5), however, a 15 minute wait time in comparison to a three hour wait time is well worth it! Plus, you get a 90 minute bus tour of Paris where they drive you past all of the major city icons. Oh, and you won’t have to climb the 1665 stairs like everyone else. You get to take a 30 second cable car right up to the second level (that’s worth the extra €35 right there!). 


The view from the second level on the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky enough to be up there as the sun was setting.





2 January 2013

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